Our Story

The Fish Grip’s Start

The Fish Grip is a fish landing device that was developed by avid anglers. The goal was to find a safer way to land a fish — safer for the fish AND the angler. It took 16 years and 4 different models to get “The Fish Grip” to where we have it today. And we think you’ll agree that The Fish Grip will help you land fish!

The Fish Grip Evolution

  • Early 1990s Fish Grip prototype.
  • Fish Grip prototype.
  • Fish Grip prototype.
  • Refined Fish Grip prototype.
  • Current Fish Grip.
  • Small image of early 1990s Fish Grip prototype.
  • Small image of Fish Grip prototype.
  • Small image of Fish Grip prototype.
  • Small image of refined Fish Grip prototype.
  • Small image of current Fish Grip.

Where we are today

The positive feedback we received from our first Fish Grip customers encouraged us to expand our product lineup with The Fish Grip Jr., a smaller version of the original Fish Grip. The popular Fish Grip Jr. was designed specifically to help you land smaller fish. And for those anglers that find The Fish Grip a little too big, The Fish Grip Jr. is just the right size for a comfortable grip.

We also extended our line to include accessories like the Captain’s Caddy, the D-Gouger, the Gator Foot and many others — all manufactured in the USA.

Teh Blabber Mouth rattling, popping cork fishing lure.

Blabber Mouth

We also recently introduced our newest product — the Blabber Mouth. The Blabber Mouth is a rattling, popping cork lure, designed to have a high and low pitch rattle to attract any type of fish. Like all Fish Grip products, the Blabber Mouth is manufactured in our US facility to the highest quality standards. Its unique shape creates noises fish can’t resist! And the Blabber Mouth’s bright colors ensure you’ll never lose sight of it. Get your Blabber Mouth today.

The Fish Grip

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