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Q: What is The Fish Grip?
A: The Fish Grip is a patented tool specially designed to help anglers safely land and handle fish.

Q: Where is the Fish Grip made?
A: The Fish Grip and all of our other products are made in our facility in Jackson, Mississippi in the USA.

Q: Is the Fish Grip Jr. just for kids?
A: No. The Fish Grip Jr. is designed to work better with smaller fish. But since it is a smaller tool, it is perfect for kids and anglers that may find the original Fish Grip a little too big.

Q: I found something that looks like The Fish Grip online for less money. Is that a Fish Grip?
A: Probably not. Because of the popularity of The Fish Grip, we have seen several low-quality imitations on the market. These are almost always manufactured overseas with inferior materials and workmanship. The real Fish Grip is patented and made in the USA. Authentic Fish Grip products will have “The Fish Grip” or “The Fish Grip Jr” written on the side. Don’t get fooled by a bargain knockoff!

Q: I want to see a Fish Grip. Where can I find a store that carries your products?
A: The Fish Grip is sold throughout the US and abroad. Use our Find a Dealer page to find a retailer near you.

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