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YakGear Fish Grip Lock

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The YakGear Fish Grip Lock gives you a quick and easy way to store and grab your full-size Fish Grips. Use the included track nut hardware to set the correct angle in the track of your kayak and simply slide your Fish Grips into the lock for storage. No need to reach under your seat or remember where you put them, The Fish Grip Lock allows for 4 different mounting angles to make it easy for you to grab your Fish Grips when you land that prize fish. Please note that it is always recommended to tether or leash your pliers or grips when storing them. This model will also keep the Fish Grip Jr. when clamped to the side of the lock.

• Fish Grip snaps into Fish Lock for easy storage and removal
• Includes hardware
• Still allows your Fish Grips to float if by chance they fall in the water
• Works with The Fish Grip Jr. when locked against the side wall of the lock
• When using pliers in your Fish Grip Lock, always use a tether or leash

This and all of our products are proudly made in the USA.